People are ready to get the hack for shadow fight 3 and it has been considered as a great tool for increasing the resources. Many players wanted to install the beta version before the release date. But, somehow developers has finally released the shadow fight 3 for all mobile platforms. It is necessary to cheat the system in order to get gems and coins and it is possible by using the hack tool given here.

How To Download And Install

To play this game, you need to install in your latest mobile phones. Windows version is also there for you to download. For installation, you should need more space because the file size may increase as per latest updates from the developer.

Download from the google play if you are android user and ios players can easily get it from app store. Some of you might have participated in the beta and it is now fully released. So, clear the cache if you had previously installed version, otherwise you will get yellow blank screen after launching the app.

If you are looking for more items such as gems and coins, then you must use the hack tool for getting quickly than normal before. Many players are already using this tool to get rid of purchases in android and iphone devices respectively. It is known that our devices may lag sometimes because less configuration and you need to update. You don’t have to worry about this issue because most devices now a days are well configured ones. Therefore you should not worry about this kind of configuration problem and it will be resolved in each updates.

Main Features Of Shadow Fight 3

After each fight completion, you will get the details of attacks you have performed during fight. Many performances will be calculated and rewards will be given at the end. Some of them are given below.

  • First strike: If you hit the opponent in the first turn, it will be noted for sure.
  • Head hit: Opponent player should have smashed by your weapons at the head area.
  • Shadow ability: Number of shadow power that you use while defeating your enemy.
  • Critical hit: Special moves that you have taken to deliver heavy destruction.
  • Max Combo: It is considered as combination of several strike at frequent intervals of time.

Most of the time, you will obtain coins only and extra bonus card can be obtained if you are ready to watch the advertisement. Therefore, you should use the shadow fight 3 hack for getting more items in your account. Upgrade all you weapons and pack with generated resources.


In the beginning, you are allowed to choose your character and style to access map area. After that, Sarge will appear on the screen to let know that you are one of the shadow squad. He is considered as father and commander. Gizmo is ready to fight with you for testing purpose. When you complete each mission fight, you will be awarded with coins and gems based on your hits.

How To Complete Fight Mission

You have to see the map to decide which mission you are going to complete. You see the two parts on the map area such as Army Of Legion and Lands Of Dynasty at the basic level. This is where you have to complete mission by fighting with each enemy. You have select the good helmet and weapons to beat the enemy. If you have less power in weapons and armor, you have to buy the booster pack with coins to get the upgrades. With the help of shadow fight 3 hack in your mobile, you can win many levels.

Inventory To Upgrade Coat And Weapons

There are many types of weapons are accessible inside the inventory area. As a warrior, you have to select the best one to fight against other opponent. Each weapons has different ability of attack and it is should be upgraded to show their fully ability.

Way To Fight And Use Shadow Ability Effectively

Locking the enemy at the corner of the fighting will definitely give you more chance to win your turn. Try to obtain special moves, so that you can perform various special attacks in combo to beat the enemy.

As you know that when shadow meter increased, you can use the power to defeat the enemy quickly. But, you should know that secret of throwing shadow lock against the enemy must capture rightly. For example, if you are throwing the shadow power when he is down, then your power will be wasted because of wrong release.

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